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The Surfer’s Woobie

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The jacket for the DAWN PATROL.  The SURFER’s WOOBIE is the perfect gear for those who never need the alarm to wake and chase the swell.

This Jacket is like no other, Guaranteed! 

This jacket was first devised for army and marine infantrymen.  Commonly referred to as the “smoker’s jacket”.  GRUNT SURF COMPANY has taken, and transformed this jacket tailoring it for the SURFING and ADVENTURE community. 

How and Why the SURFER’s WOOBIE is a game changer.  The Woobie, for those who are familiar, is our patronage to where the jacket’s humble begins can be traced to.  Designed to be warm and rugged, with armpits slit to prevent overheating.  Yes, it gets warm.  Wide cut wrists for added mobility. We’ve kept many other of the features that made us fall for it in the first place, but made it practical for our side of the house.  Adding in toggle buttons, additional eye slits, removing arm clip-ins and other non-essential material.  The SURFER’s WOOBIE is named such, because we are confident this will grow on you as it did us as that security blanket, that buddy in the back that’s watching out for ya on those BLUE lit mornings.

This is the perfect jacket for the pre and post surf hours, it will become your new best friend.  And, it’s ok to call your Woobie!

Read about this unordinary dream coming to life at: Our Story

The Surfer’s Woobie comes in two options:

First, we have the repurposed jackets that may have been lightly used or out of the bag and laid out before returned to central inventory that have been quality checked, refurbished as needed, and then upgraded. And, is already lightly broken in for you!

Second, we have brand new jackets that have been taken through our modification processes, and is fresh out of the bag!


We thank you for your interest in the Surfer’s Woobie, and we truly believe that it is the greatest jacket for the Dawn Patrol.  Having personally battle tested these bad boys, and now having one tucked in my day bag every time I go out!  

These jackets have sparked our Repurpose the World endeavor, and is going to change the game!  But, we completely understand that this culture isn’t for everyone.

The cuts may be odd to you, repurposing and reusing gear for other fields for adventure sports seems wierd, and all jackets come in “OD” green  (by military standards is many different greens) are maybe just a few turn offs you may have with the Woobie.

That is why we offer a 100% refund for our Surfer’s Woobie if it just isn’t for you.  You just pay for return shipping, and must be within 21 days of receiving.  But, there is a catch!  Unlike most companies, we ask you to give the Surfer’s Woobie a shot!   Toss it on, and take a drive to your favorite secret spot, let the morning hit you, and see if anything washes over you. If you still feel unchanged and a new friendship isn’t made, send it on back.

This is our CULTURE

Thank you,

Grunt Surf Co