Our Story

Welcome To Grunt Surf Co!

This company was nothing more than a mistake.  Simple as that.  Wrong place, wrong time, and with all the wrong gear.  That’s where the magic happened.  

Florida swell starts to come in around Thanksgiving weekend each year, but doesn’t really hit its stride until early February.  And, like clockwork, 2019 was no different.  Back into the leisure life of working a beach gig, after a 4 year sabbatical in the U.S. Army, I found myself most mornings chasing waves in Delray Beach, FL.

Always an early riser, I’d scroll through a few surf check’s, find the cue, toss the board in the explorer, and forget every single piece of nonessential gear, and make my way to my favorite spots.  In the blue hue, freezing my toes to the concrete with no wetsuit or even the usual 2mm top, I’d chuck a few dimes at the meter, run into the fray, and nearly slide off the nose from the lack of wax, which was probably still nestled warmly on the kitchen counter.

After a few misses, i’d snag a few, get in my element, and i’d be on my way.  Minutes into hours, hours into mornings, and those dimes into parking tickets.  I’d regret nothing, and my life was in full swing doing what I love.

This is when The GRUNT SURF Company was born.  One day after my usual chaotic enlightment ritual, I ran back to the explorer popped the trunk to find no towels, shirts, sweaters, or anything else I could use to curb the incoming shiver attack!  That was until under a bundle of snorkel gear and some old army junk, I saw an old army m-67 jacket liner.  This liner is more notably referred to as the “smokers jacket” amongst the army and marine infantry a.k.a. “Grunts”, (cue the aha moment) usually associated with those early mornings when you got to jump outside in the bitter cold to get a quick drag or run into the wood line.

 This rarity is one of the most coveted pieces of equipment in these infantry units not only because of it’s cool guy appeal, usually only had by the old dogs in the platoons, but also because it really freaking works.

I threw this bad boy on, and after a few minutes that shiver took run, and then the question hit me.  How in the hell had the greatest early morning/late night “outdoor-casual-jacket” that has been battle tested for decades by the baddest dudes in the land not made the grade for other arenas? Was it a secret? Have you seen this thing? Some secret...not exactly the cutest jacket you’ve laid eyes on.   But, it’s the real deal! A few tweaks and upgrades, and this might actually be something!

The next few morning sessions, dawn patrols, and evening rides until I could only judge the break by the white water, I wore that jacket pre and post surf religiously testing it’s capabilities once more.

 Boys and girls, this is it!

 Because these were originally developed as jacket liners, even though no one ever used them as such, we needed to put these bad boys through some enhancements to convert them into your Grunt Surf Woobie!  Updated and upgraded into a jacket that will give you the opportunity to get out earlier and stay out later!

This is for the Dawn Patrol!

Lastly, a huge part of our culture is within the VETERAN and OCEAN community.  We will continue to donate from every single sale for the entire life of this company to various veteran and environmental non-profits of our choosing, with no exceptions.  We owe an unmatchable amount of gratitude for our veterans, and an unwavering respect for our oceans.

To our new friends, thank you for stopping by!


 Grunt Surf Co